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Our Top Selling eBook

Guide to Bayonets of the World
by Bob Osborn

Already becoming the bayonet collector's "bible" because of its huge content and low price combination, this in-depth electronic book has already become a classic and is a "must-have" for any bayonet collector, dealer or general reader. Nearly forty years of research have gone into making this authoritative book by the well-known military historian, author and bayonet collector, Bob Osborn.

Lavishly illustrated throughout with over 2,600 photographs and line drawings from his own collections and the superlative Pattern Room collections of the former Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Lock, it describes and illustrates hundreds of bayonets from across the world. The statistics of this outstanding book speak for themselves.

  • equivalent to over 1,300 pages

  • unique Quick Identification Guide

  • unique step-by-step Interactive Bayonet Identification System

  • more than 1,900 colour photographs

  • more than 700 scale line drawings

  • featuring over 750 bayonets

  • from more than 80 countries

  • Guide to Bayonet Values

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THE SMALL PRINT - please read!                                      

This electronic book, suitable for Windows XP and Vista, comes on an auto loading CD and requires Internet Explorer version 4 or above to be installed on your computer. This eBook is NOT suitable for Macs or hand-held devices.

This book is

The huge and in-depth content of this book is divided into sections as follows -

The Country Index
Containing over 1,500 colour photographs and more than 700 line drawings, this is the main section of the book in which bayonets for each country and all periods are dealt with chronologically. With an in-depth information page for each bayonet including history, description, variations, modifications, measurements, line drawings and photographs as appropriate. This section also attempts to clarify the complicated world bayonet import-export trade between countries.

Bob Osborn's Interactive Bayonet Identification System
Harnessing latest electronic book technology, this is a unique interactive system of bayonet identification that has been developed and refined over several years. By selecting the appropriate answers to a series of questions, the reader is directed to a proper identification for almost any bayonet. No more wasted hours poring over old, out of date books or searching the internet for "possibles" - this quick, easy and accurate modern interactive system is a real joy to use.

Guide to Bayonet Values
A built-in relative value guide covering over 750 bayonets combines their individual availability and their "common to rare" factor on a scale of 1 to 5. Since any bayonet price guide is out of date before it is finished, this relative value guide gives a better indication for the dealer or collector.

A Brief History of the Bayonet
This fully illustrated section outlines the history of the bayonet from its earliest form, the plug bayonet, through the whole range of bayonet developments to the latest hi-tec multi-functional hardware.

Identifying Bayonets
This section examines the different aspects of bayonet identification, including problems to proper identification and the various methods used to determine a specific bayonet's identity.

The Quick Identification Guide
Certain marks found on bayonets are indicative of specific countries - the unique Quick ID Guide offers a shortcut method to determining country of origin and/or country of use.

Bayonet Markings
Containing over 330 photographs this is an in-depth, country-by-country guide to the markings found on bayonets. These can not only identify origins and country of use, but can often reveal an individual bayonet's history. Of special use are the British and German wartime dispersal codes that determine the manufacturer of the bayonet by interpreting the code as well as listings of German S-codes and Waffenamt codes. (This section is also sold separately for those not requiring the full work).

Cut-Down Bayonets
Bayonets have often been converted for use as trench knives, fighting/combat knives, utility knives and hunting knives. This section looks at a wide selection of examples - indeed, more than any previously published work. (This section is also sold separately for those not requiring the full work).

Surface Finishes
A survey of surface finishes found on bayonets written by a mechanical engineer, metallurgist and ex-Manager of the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Lock, UK.

Glossary and Nomenclature
A large, illustrated guide to the huge range of bayonet types as well as a comprehensive list of bayonet parts and terms encountered.


A few testimonials...

"An absolutely amazing achievement..."    Bill Fellowes, Galhampton, UK

"The ID Guide is a brilliant idea..."    Don Norman, Swindon, UK

"Terrific... there is so much information... and so many pictures... "   Stan Monk, Brighton, UK

"It is now my main reference... and so easy to use..."   John R  Booker, New York, USA

"Invaluable... a really complete guide..."  Gordon Livingstone, Reading, UK

"I already have your Guide to Bayonet Markings which has helped me so much, but your new book is truly great. Well done."   Lawrence Jackson, Virginia, USA

"Knowledgeable, comprehensive and vast in scope..."  Dave Herbert, Manchester, UK

"Well done Bob... a master work!!"   Brian Kapala, Toronto, Canada

"Your new book is greatest."  Massimo Bragaglia, Rome, Italy



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